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The BlockChain Company

iamBillionaire is a cryptocurrency and a financial education company that educates you on how to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We give you in depth knowledge on how the system works in other for you to safeguard your bitcoin investment.

Marketing plan

iamBillionaire has designed an unbeatable compensation plan to compensate hardworking clients who recommends our unique services and company to friends to build a strong marketing network.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency services.

Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Education

We teach you the fundamental of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies so you can understand how the ecosystem operates and how you will manage your bitcoin investment yourself.

Forex/Cryptocurrency Trading Tutorials

We give you detailed trading strategies on how you will trade your crypto and Forex and not rely on companies to trade on your behalf.

Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Investment Tutorials

We teach you how you will invest your time and money into bitcoin for profit to achieve your billionaire dream.

Blockchain Entrepreneurship

Learn use cases and Entrepreneurship Opportunities available with blockchain technology

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In a world constantly advancing in Technology and Finance, It has become necessary to stay updated. Learn about the currency of the future today

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